‘Torn’ is on its way to Kochville Township

 After debuting his new movie “Torn” at Bay City’s State Theatre, filmmaker Danzell Calhoun is bringing it home.

The tale of a young African American man finding out there’s more to life than what he sees happening around him plays at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 13, at Saginaw 12, 3250 Kabobel. Admission costs $10.

“I fell into a lot of traps when I was growing up,” Calhoun said when he held auditions at the Operation Reach offices in downtown Saginaw in 2011. “I’ve had my incidents of ignorance … I want to prevent others from going through what I did to get here.”

The next stop on its journey, Calhoun said, is a theater run in Canada, with final details still in the works.

“The whole thing has been surreal; the State Theatre was close to packed,” he said of the Dec. 1 premiere in Bay City. “It was an event.”

His own harshest critic, Calhoun said he saw a few things he could have done better, and he’ll soon prove it in upcoming projects now in production.

“But I liked what I saw. It’s a good story with a strong message. It turned out well.”

via Danzell Calhoun’s film ‘Torn’ is on its way to Kochville Township | MLive.com.