2012-2013 goals for CinemaStar Productions

The film tentatively entitled TORN – A film that explores the gritty side of life through the eyes of Meshach Johnson, a young man who is betrayed, and forced to find his identity while wandering the perilous streets of a dying city.

TORN made its world premiere December 1, 2012

“The Peace POX”  Is a docudrama based on the Christmas Truce of 1914. Common soldiers call a truce only to meet each other in No Man’s Land. This heartfelt film is in pre-production and will be filmed in January-March 2013. It will be released prior to the 100 year anniversary in December 2014.  Read More!

“Very Nasty Indeed…” A chilling thriller that exemplifies the term “money is the root of all evil” A husband and wife duo set out to betray each other and become sole heirs to an estate. While plotting on each other they are being hunted by those they least expect becoming their prey. In pre-production, this film is scheduled to be filmed in the fall of 2013.

We will also be collaborating with other filmmakers producing several other films. If you have a film you would like to have considered for distribution Submit it here! or call 989