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The project Uncle Buddy is truly a film that both young and old will be able to relate to.  It is an inspiring story first written by my business partner Rodney Merten after he first discovered the U.S.S. Edson Navy Destroyer and was later revised and re-written by Katherine M. Singh. The story shows how prevalent PTSD is in our society today and how the effects of war not only effect the individual involved but can have an everlasting effect on their family as well.

Ronnie Pappas is troubled by not only the grandfather that he never knew who died in war but also his living uncle, Buddy, who is unable to live a normal life because of his past memories of war.  It takes a young boy’s imagination and heart to open the eyes of his family that have been blinded by the past for far too long.

Your support will help make this all possible.  The funding received will go towards post production of the film Uncle Buddy, theater rentals, pick up shots, and special effects.  We need you to make this happen!  Thanks for your support! Donate Now on Rocket Hub